Curved Air - North Star (Mega Blowout Sale)

"2014 album from the reunited British Prog Rock band. Curved Air features original members Sonja Kristina and Florian Pilkington-Misa with classic era guitarist Kirby Gregory. They are joined by violinist Paul Sax, keyboardist Robert Norton and bass player Chris Harris. NORTH STAR is the band's first album featuring new studio material since 1976. The full length CD features a mixture of re-recordings, cover songs and seven new original songs."

"Always unique, It is stunning to see a band of Curved Air's vintage come back after a long layoff and with multiple new members to deliver a solid punch of a full recording. They delicately re-work several classic tunes from the past and add numerous hot, interesting new songs that portend a great future if they choose to continue. This is simply the best recording since "Air Cut". Kudos to the new members for "Getting IT"."-Larry Dahl
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