Curved Air - Tapestry Of Propositions CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“This is the first volume of the Curved Air Rarities Series. This live album is an hour long version of the song “Propositions” with over a dozen of the improvisations which usually followed now cut together. This album is a must for fans of the band and improvisational music. This album has been painstakingly compiled and produced by Robert Norton.”

“A very interesting idea. In 1970, then Curved Air guitarist/synthesist Francis Monkman wrote Propositions with a long improvised section.
Present keyboard player Robert Norton came up with the idea of stitching together recently recorded beginning and concluding sections with 15 improvised--and each very different--sections, resulting in an hour-long version of the song. The improvs move through a variety of moods, hard rocking, bluesy, dark and threatening, laid-back. Guitarist Kirby Gregory (who was with the band on their 1973 landmark "Air Cut" album) particularly shines. The result is fascinating, sort of a mix of the Grateful Dead's Dark Star with some of the 2010-1014 era Tangerine Dream live material...”-D. Mulhollen
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