Curwin, Julian - The Mango Balloon, Volume 1

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"The Mango Balloon is a project developed in 2010 by Julian Curwin (leader of The Tango Saloon, also a member of The Fantastic Terrific Munkle, Monsieur Camembert and others). It is essentially a stripped-back chamber version of The Tango Saloon, distilling all of the elements of the larger band down to various smaller configurations, mostly quartets. At less than half the size of the full band, the sound is lighter and more laid back, with a style which adds lounge, exotica and continental jazz to The Tango Saloon's tango/western blend. The Tango Saloon has released two albums, displaying a wild mix of tango, spaghetti western and everything in between, with an array of musicians playing everything but the kitchen sink. The self-titled debut was picked up by Mike Patton's Ipecac label in 2006, and 'Transylvania' released locally in 2008. After these two multi-layered cinematic epics, Curwin felt the urge to explore some lighter textures before embarking on album #3. And so The Mango Balloon was born. Aside from six members from The Tango Saloon, the recordings also feature special guests, bringing their own distinct flavour to the music. Volume 1 features Eddie Bronson (from Monsieur Camembert) on clarinets, adding a touch of klezmer to the mix."

"With its blitheness, quirkiness and affecting beauty, Curwin's new project carries echoes of figures as diverse as Erik Satie, Nino Rota and Django Reinhardt. The Sydney guitarist has come up with a charming cousin to his other bands, The Tango Saloon and The Fantastic Terrific Munkle, presenting 13 short, quite programmatic pieces that have lovely titles such as Transylvanian Holiday, Candle Dance and Black Desert. The exceptional recording quality catches every nuance of the engaging playing by a band including Eddie Bronson (clarinets), Marcello Maio (accordion, piano) and Sam Golding (tuba, trumpet), plus bass, drums, percussion and the leader's sumptuous acoustic and evocative electric guitars."-John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald, 4th March 2011

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