Custer, Beth/The Left Coast Chamber Ensemble - Bernal Heights Suite

BC Record’s first chamber music release, Bernal Heights Suite is a collection of songs and instrumentals composed and performed by Beth Custer and members of the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble: Anna Presler, Phyllis Kamrin, violins; Kurt Rohde, viola; and Leighton Fong, cello. “Bernal Heights is a charming and diverse San Francisco neighborhood where I’ve lived, walked, and composed for over a dozen years,” says Custer. “Bernal Heights Suite contains reflections in musical homage to aspects of this neighborhood that have influenced my life." The disk also includes “Scary Monster String Trio”, a film score without a film using euphoric/melancholic melodies over bi-tonal chordal movement and slightly askew rhythms. Custer: “These chamber pieces are a delightful return to working with the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble who performed and recorded my Vinculum Symphony. They are virtuosic and approach my music with the detail and sense of humor it requires.”"
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