Cutler, Ivor - An Elpee and Two Epees (Mega Blowout Sale)

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These are Ivor's very first recordings from the late 50's and early 60's, reissued for the very first time. 28 tracks of stories, songs and prose. Has a nice 12 page booklet of photos and notes by Mark Powell, who also oversaw this reissue.

"Out of all the bizarre performers championed by John Peel, Ivor Cutler stands as one of the most curious and endearing. To a neophyte, his work may not, initially, seem that noteworthy. He reads stories and poems -- there is little distinction between the two -- that are at once absurd and homely, his lugubrious Scottish baritone accompanied by the arcane wheeze of his harmonium. Early on in his career he appears to have sung -- plummily, daftly -- more often. Otherwise, he has changed little in nearly 50 years. But there is something about Cutler that transcends the apparent simplicity of what he does. You could call him a Great British Eccentric, if that phrase hadn't been devalued from overuse, or a surrealist, if the word still implied originality. At the start of his debut EP, Ivor Cutler of Y'Hup (1959), he describes himself as an 'oblique musical philosopher', which is good, if characteristically understated. But to the successive generations who grew up hearing his deadpan tales filling the silences on the Peel show, he is our true Poet Laureate, a doleful Edward Lear figure for hipsters whose world he never tried to understand. Listening again to Cutler's enchanted, occasionally creepy work, it is clear why Peel loved him so much. Here is the one performer who bridged the gap between the leftfield oddness of Peel's Radio 1 slot and the domestic whimsy of Radio 4's Home Truths."
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