Cybotron - Sunday Night at The Total Theatre (expanded)

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The first-ever legit reissue (and taken from the master tapes) of this very rare Australian progressive rock/electronic album that was recorded in 1976.

Essentially, Cybotron were the Australian Tangerine Dream and were a good band of the genre.

"Ecstatic moog ragas reminiscent of both the heavyweight glory of Popol Vuh and the blissful sumblindness of Ash Ra Tempel-Uncut

"Firstly there's a man in a cape on the cover of this obscure 1976 semi bootleg from the groundbreaking Australian cosmic Kosmische duo Cybotron. Secondly there are a whole bunch of cool looking analogue modular synths. It's common knowledge in music circles that a cape alone is a guarantee of great music, but if you add modular synths to the mix then you're approaching almost divine intervention....It's a pretty incredible set. Even on a recording 37 years later it's still an overwhelming near mystical experience. "-Cyclic Defrost
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Aussie Tangerine Dream, with even deeper pulsations. Berlin School essential.
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