Cyrille, Andrew / Elliott Sharp / Richard Teitelbaum - Evocation CD

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“Master drummer Andrew Cyrille, guitarist-reedist Elliott Sharp and pioneering electronic music composer-performer Richard Teitelbaum improvised this music on October 13, 2011 at Roulette Intermedia’s first season in Brooklyn after over two decades in lower Manhattan. Now 10 years later, Richard Teitelbaum has passed, so Cyrille and Sharp are the only two remaining members of this trio. This recording documents Cyrille, Sharp and Teitelbaum using their instrumental skills and aesthetic sensibilities to act, feel, think, react in the present moment.
Teitelbaum played a mixed setup with piano, sampler, and computer, taking a signal from both Cyrille’s drums and Sharp’s guitar. Sharp used a number of extended techniques plus various objects to excite the strings as well as an electronic bow, as well as extended techniques on the bass clarinet including circular breathing, singing into the horn and using the keys like an electronic filter. Cyrille’s drumming has always been both forceful and demonstrative or subtle and inquisitive or highlight interactive-whatever the situation calls for. All three artists present their best work as individuals and as a trio on this recording.“
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