Démodé - Le Parole Al Vento

Great 2nd album from 2011 by this Italian 'pocket size orchestra', who feature all of the hallmarks of great avant-progressive music, plus a real sense of fun and playfulness. You like Miriodor, Julverne, L'Ensemble Raye, Aranis, etc? Well then: hugely recommended!
Andrea Zampieri: clarinetto
Francesco Zanon: violino
Claudio Colaone: sassofoni
Luca Laruina: pianoforte
Carin Marzaro: basso elettrico
Alberto Zenarolla: batteria
Démodé is a pocket-size orchestra, a six young musicians ensemble from Friuli, Italy. They play instrumental music: a sort of crossover between jazz, progressive, folk, rock, cinematic, as well as classical and popular inspirations.

The band starts working together in 2005 but the final line-up comes later in 2009, immediately opening an intense concert season featuring the participation to some festivals and and the publication of a four-track EP.

In May, 2011, Démodé attend and win “Musica nelle Aie”, the biggest folk festival in Italy, and a specialized jury award them for “the originality, the excellent technical mastery and the skills to melt jazz, balkan influences and progressive folk”. A few months later, their first full-length Le Parole al Vento is out. Recorded by Stefano Amerio at Artesuono Recording Studio, multi-award winner and ECM partner, the album features eleven original pieces completely composed and performed by the sextet."

  • LabelBirdland Sounds
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