DAAU / Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung - Hineininterpretierung

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So, around 1995 or so, there was this really great album on a tiny label of this young band who were obviously well trained classically and who fused pop, eastern-european folk and classical music, with jazz and a punk attitude.
Suddenly in 1998 they reappear as DAAU on SONY Classics (!), with a very good album that included lots of musical guests. Of course *that* didn't last, so they are back on a little label again (their own, I think) for this release which celebrates 25 years of their musical activity (they formed in 1992!!!) by having them reinterpret and re-record 25 years of work, including new works!
They are currently a four piece of clarinets, accordion, double bass and drums with a ton of guests on violin, cello, piano, flute, and vocals.
Avant chamber-rock with R.I.O. type leanings.
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