DJ Shadow - Endtroducing...

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Here’s something a little different and also very good and interesting: Endtroducing.... was possibly the first album ever released comprised solely of samples Shadow found by visiting record stores and buying old vinyl, which is reflected on the cover art.
He put it together using a very minimal amount of equipment (partially due to the fact that the technology wasn’t as advanced as now and partially due to choice) and went for a very moody, low-key sound.
On its own merits, it’s a good work and he had good taste; artists sampled include many obscurities to the wider world from: Billy Cobham, Embryo, The Heath Brothers, Meredith Monk, Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Co, Pekka Pohjola, Tangerine Dream, Pugh Rogefeldt, Kraftwerk, Roger Waters/Ron Geesin, Nirvana (UK), David Axelrod, Tyrannosaurus Rex, many more, and even the giant from Twin Peaks makes an appearance. Conditionally recommended.
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