Daal - Navels Falling Into A Living Origami

Alfio Costa-keyboards, piano, mellotron
Davide Guidoni-drums, percussion, loops, soundscapes
Simon Montrucchio-bass
Lorenzo Fasanelli-guitars
Salvatore Lazzara-oud, guitars
Marcella Arganese-guitars
Gulielmo Mariotta-vocals
Mir Khista-violin

Instrumental progressive music in a long suite with heavy, heavy mellotron use. A little bit sound-contruction/avant-leaning mixed with old school Rock Progressivo Italiano. Did I already mention mellotrons? Unique.

“navels falling into a living origami” is a disk that is atypical in the world of daal (and in the world of music in general!): a long suite of 50 minutes that is a hybrid project, a blend of parts unpublished, and parts published in the past, but completely distorted, and echoed in an experimental optics, going to touch the borders, until now, little frequented by the group, such as ambient, soundtrack music, classical music, dark orchestral, and of course the progressive: a maelstrom of sound not to easy assimilation, but on the other hand one of the prerogatives of the daal has always been research! to do this, the group chose a small ensemble of musicians).
"navels falling into a living origami" was released simultaneously with “decalogue of darkness", the two discs are completely different, but two sides of the same coin! “... a game created by the creative .... retrace the labyrinths of our mind, the facets of the be.... the delight, the boredom, the despair, the mud that surrounds our thoughts . we have collected here and there the musical ideas of past works and we have been dressed with new clothes of the scene.... expanding your audio horizons even more ..... let yourself go... let yourself be carried away .... life is full of emotions and stories to tell....”-alfio costa
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