Dale, Warren - The Burden Of Duplicity

(May 12th, 2005 additional note: Warren told me that the reason for making this CD was to have as many people as possible hear what he was capable of musically, especially musicians, so that he might have more opportunities to play with various other players outside of the immediate circle of musicians he knokws. So, he has given us a bunch of copies for very very cheap, in the hopes that this will happen. A good idea, I think!) Warren Dale is a keyboardist and woodwind man who is a member of both French TV and Trap. While his work with those ensembles will give you an idea of some of what this album is about, his interests range beyond progressive and avant-progressive, into contemporary compositon and improvisation and more. This is his first 'solo' album, but it is by no means mostly solo, as a large number of other players appear on several tracks. "No two tracks on The Burden of Duplicity are musically or stylistically alike. This release is meant as a calling card, as a showcase of Warren's versatility as a composer and performer." [Nxumusic]
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