Davison, Brian - Every Which Way (24-bit remaster)

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Here’s one I never even heard until some time after it was reissued on CD and which I had put off hearing, as I was afraid it would be awful. I was wrong.
It's an extremely good 1970-style, English, proto-progressive album of songs featuring Graham Bell-electric piano, acoustic guitar, lead vocals, Geoffrey Peach-reeds, backing vocals, Alan Cartwright-bass, John Hedley-gutar and Brian Davison-drums (yes, Brian of The Nice and Refugee). If you like that very late 60s/very early 70s progressive/song sound, you want this!

"After Keith Emerson disbanded “The Nice” in 1970, I began to recruit members for a new band. The first consideration was to find a strong vocalist. Graham Bell was one of the best singer/songwriters that I had heard, and, thankfully, he was keen to work with me. Graham introduced me to guitarist John Hedley, and Alan Smith, my personal assistant, introduced me to Alan Cartwright, the bassist. I had met saxophonist Jeff Peach from time to time, had always appreciated his playing, and so I invited him to join us.
We enjoyed our short time together as Every Which Way – I think! I also believe that it was a very good band that would have benefitted from more time in which to develop. Graham and I did not always see eye to eye over our musical direction, and Alan was made an offer he could not refuse; from Procol Harum. I believe John took work on cruise ships, and Jeff – non-committal at the time – I have no idea what he went on to do, or where he is now.
There were also conflicting opinions between the record company and the band over the direction in which our music was progressing; and so the CD you have in your hands is the only recording that Every Which Way made. I hope you enjoyed it!"-Brian Davison, January 2004
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