De Beren Gieren - One Mirror Many

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Fulco Ottervanger, piano / Lieven Van Pée, double bass / Simon Segers, drums.
"After the acclaimed partnership with Portuguese trumpeter Susana Santos Silva, put to record in “The Detour Fish” (2014), the Belgian trio De Beren Gieren is back to explore new territory. The main focus is still on the piano-double bass-drums format, but now, as the band announces, «adding an electronic sediment to our acoustic trio sound to create a multilayered, kaleidoscopic work of art». The music keeps flowing «at the fractures of styles», combining jazz with elements coming from classical, rock and electro-acoustic music. The hybrid, ambiguous, identity of the music is the backbone of the concept followed by pianist Fulco Ottervanger in his compositions: “One Mirrors Many” describes the ambivalence of all things. And yes, what you’ll find here has the effect of mirrors reflecting other mirrors. Distorted and twisted forms appear, disappear or simply change, sometimes very slowly. In the end, everything gathers in the same place: the point of arrival of this metamorphic journey is the point of departure, closing the circle and giving it an inner sense. It’s so beautiful and so strange as something you can imagine in your wildest musical dreams..."
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