Dead Meadow - Dead Meadow CD (expanded) (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“Dead Meadow is the reason for the resurgence of heavy, psychedelic rock. Now, they are reaching out from the underground with their Les Paul guitars to deliver their once out-of-print first album in a newly remixed and remastered form. The catalog revisit of this seminal guitar driven band forces US to connect the dots of recent musical history. Bonus material - including a secret extra track.”

“I've only been listening to Dead Meadow for a couple years, but they've quickly become one of my top bands of all time. With each listen I become more impressed by this basement recorded release by 3 young guys from the DC area. They've come up with an incredible combination of styles with elements of 60s psych, 70s hard rock, blues, folk, along with energy approaching punk rock. For a band to create heavy, beautiful, energetic, dark, dynamic, trippy, uplifting, and relaxing moods while always sounding unique is as much as anyone could achieve.
As a hobbyist musician myself, the raw power and talent from each one of these guys is inspiring. The guitarist is a true master of tone and effects, he uses wide range of textures, his riffs are unique and interesting and solos are explosive. The bass complements perfectly, and with great tone, never merely following along. The drums are interesting, unique, and further expand the wide range of intensity in these songs. The album flows very well and may be best enjoyed as a full set.
It's hard for me to pick a best album from this band, but this is a great place to start and might be my favorite. It's a tie b/w this one, Howls from the Hills, and Peel Sessions for me, but all of Dead Meadows albums are pretty amazing.”
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