Dean, Elton / Paul Dunmall - If Dubois Only Knew CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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An informal session between two great English sax players, consisting of 8 short to mid-length duos. Elton plays alto and saxello, of course, while Paul sticks to tenor, C-melody and soprano saxes.

“Two titans of the saxophone dueling it out, embracing, and locking horns as they freely improvise up and down their horns. In many ways, Elton Dean and Paul Dunmall sound like two sides of the same coin, as they combine forces to create canvases of substantive beauty. The two share similar styles, ones that forego intemperate bombast in favor of slightly less intense forays. Removed from the freewheeling sounds of the unfettered 1960s New Thing or the locomotive acrobatics of saxophone screamers, Dean and Dunmall converse like two friends who know each other well, wishing to pour out their hearts to one another. In reality, Dunmall and Dean are different players, with individual concepts and separate visions. But, their improvisations are so sophisticated and full of surprise that they do sound like brothers, starting and stopping in tandem, breathing at similar intervals. They seem to anticipate each other's next steps, even imitating and copying when appropriate. If there is a sameness to it, no matter. Dunmall and Dean fans will revel in the idiosyncrasies, a full CD of two of the finest saxophonists of their generation left alone to spar. No melodies, few preconceived notions. Just free blowing at a very high level. Not for everyone, but for those who do persevere: Just rewards.”-Steve Loewy/AllMusic
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