Dean, Elton / Sophia Domancich - Avant (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"...on Avant, the latest release from Britains Hux Records, Dean and Domancich join together as a duet for the first time. This live concert, while based on loose compositional sketches, is largely improvised, and it finds the pair operating without a safety net--completely exposed and with the kind of free reign that larger ensembles rarely afford. Each contributes a pair of compositions to the nearly hour-long set. But while the writing provides a starting point, where the duo ultimately goes represents the kind of adventure that can only be found when two improvisers are deeply in tune with each other. The overall ambience is dark and brooding--theres nothing that could be remotely considered joyous about these extended pieces, although there is a clear joy in the sense of discovery and common musical experience that pervades the set. Both Dean and Domancich are highly responsive players, capable of reacting to each others ideas in ways that are at times frighteningly telepathic. Both have the kind of technical ability that would allow more dazzling demonstrations, but its a greater sense of space, and a desire to create pieces that breathe with a deeper meaning, that gives the performance its life. Free and unfettered improvisation? Yes. But disorganized, without an underlying sense of purpose? Unequivocally no. Avant represents, perhaps, a culmination of years spent involved in other projects that, while inarguably providing an opportunity for self-expression, never allowed for as great a sense of pure freedom. Hopefully this recording is but the first of many collaborations from a duo that br ings new meaning to the term spontaneous composition."-John Kelman/All About Jazz
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