Dean, Elton - The 100 Club Concert 1979 : 2 x CDs

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Now completely out of print, we have a just a couple of copies now....

This is a good bootleg recording (the performers are well balanced, except for the under-mic'd Keith Tippett) of a simply magnificent performance by the group that Elton made very clear was the closest to his heart of all the things he did in his musical lifetime. Conditionally highly recommended.

"For the many friends and fans of the late saxophonist and composer Elton Dean, this poignant 2CD release is the debut presentation of a complete concert performance from Elton's ensemble of Brit-jazz firebrands known as Ninesense. Elton Dean was a consummate musician, widely-recognized for his indelible sound and serpentine solos on alto sax and saxello. From his roots in the R&B styling of Long John Baldry's Bluesology, through The Keith Tippett Group, Soft Machine, and Just Us, Elton founded Ninesense from London's finest jazz upstarts: Alan Skidmore, tenor & soprano saxophones; Mark Charig, cornet & tenor horn; Harry Beckett, flugelhorn & trumpet; Nick Evans & Radu Malfatti, trombone; Keith Tippett, piano; Harry Miller, bass; Louis Moholo, drums. Joining Ninesense during their second set is American trumpeter Jim Dvorak. Throughout The 100 Club Concert 1979 Ninesense deliver staggering renditions of Elton's magnificent charts, two of which, "Bounce" and "Marks" are hitherto unrecorded. Also unique to this concert is Nick Evans' elegant "First Born." Elton's colorful compositions are cast across a harmonically rich canvas, and noteworthy for featuring each soloist in deep with the volcanic Tippet/Miller/Moholo rhythm team, amounting to an unfolding series of molten-hot trios. Thirty-three years later, it is simply extraordinary that Italian Riccardo Bergerone captured this exhilarating concert in stereo during his stay in London that winter. Ninesense: The 100 Club Concert 1979 includes Riccardo's private photographs and personal notes, honoring the musician who remained his life-long friend -- the great Elton Dean."
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