Deformica - H

Very good debut release by this young instrumental Argentinian quintet who use dual guitar, keyboards, bass and drums. They are definitely a progressive rock-styled band, but they have an energy that only the young'uns who were raised in the punk age seem to display when performing this style of music. Reminiscent at times of Nebelnest, although not as high energy. Additionally, the keyboardist only plays Fender Rhodes and synths, which sometimes gives this just a bit of a Guapo-sound. There's also traces of stoner rock and modern spacerock and psychedelia. Probably one of the most exciting young bands in Argentina's modern progressive scene.

"Dark, 70's styled instrumental prog is the featured topic on the debut from Deformica, a new release on the Viajero Inmovil Records label, will scratch the itch for bands like King Crimson, Shylock, Magma, Present, and Univers Zero, as it feautures plenty of jagged electric guitar, spooky Fender Rhodes, rumbling bass, and nimble drum fills. While the music of Deformica mostly draws from classic progressive rock, there are also splashes of fusion, avant-garde, and post rock here as well, as the band go off into many stretches of deep improvisation and ominous chaos. The synergy between the weaving guitar lines and tricky bass & drum work on "Mercanofonico" is quite impressive, and even though the music is fairly complex there are hints of melody thrown in among all the dissonant passages. Check out the intricate guitar interplay and majestic electric piano on "Aranitas", the raging bombast of "Marionetas", and the controlled yet spacey atmosphere of the 8-minute killer "Acalambrase", a real mind-blower of dark, dramatic prog rock. Deformica are really on to something here. If you can track down a copy of H, and you are into complex instrumental music with an avant-garde flair, this will be a great addition to your CD collection."-Sea of Tranquility

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  • LabelViajero Inmovil
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