Delirium - Dolce Acqua (mini-lp sleeve)

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"Delirium came from Genova, from a previous beat band called I Sagittari, and formed in 1970, releasing their first single a year later. Canto di Osanna, presented at first Viareggio pop festival was a successful single and gave the band an immediate notoriety. They had also won a Radio Montecarlo rock contest in 1971. Their first album, Dolce Acqua, also from 1971 contains a good and original mix of prog, jazz and some tuneful melodies, the leading role of singer Ivano Fossati is evident, with his furious flute soloing being one of the band's most distinctive elements. The album, housed in a nice triple gatefold cover, is structured in various movements like a classical suite, but here and there some parts seem a little incoherent with the whole LP."

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