Deluge Grander - Heliotians hand painted / hand numbered vinyl lp + CD (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

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This is IT! The LAST 2 copies in existence in the world. Really.

The third Deluge Grander album is definitely their most ambitious, both musically and physically. The music is their usual, very excellent complex progressive/symphonic rock and the package you get this great music in is really special, and really limited.

This is so nice and so special that even if you have no interest in vinyl, if you love the music of this group, this package is so interesting and funny and special that it is worth buying for the CD and the original art (and originality of concept). Conditionally hugely recommended.

"205 numbered copies of this album have been made. Each copy has a vinyl LP, a CD, hand-painted artwork, hand-written lyrics, and is signed by all the musicians who played or sang on it. It was recorded and mastered mostly on analog tape, using mostly analog instruments. There are no plans for releasing this album in any other physical format, though some of the musical ideas might appear in different arrangements on future Deluge Grander albums."

On this recording, Deluge Grander is:
Christopher West: Bass, Flute, Vocals, Ressikan Flute
Cliff Phelps: Guitar, Vocals
Dan Britton: Fender Rhodes, Multivox, Univox, Vox, Mellotron (Thanks, Jim Rezek!), Hammered Dulcimer, Acoustic Guitars
Megan Wheatley: Vocals
Natalie Spehar: Cello
Patrick Gaffney: Drums

Dan has made a great video where you can see each one of the covers and listen to the entire album!

and this video which explains a little bit of the thinking behind this release and also shows the band sitting around and talking about this.

As Dan says on his own website:
Did you really write all the lyrics out 205 times? And do 205 different paintings on the sleeves? Are you insane?
Yes, yes, and maybe.
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