Deluge Grander - Oceanarium

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A 'project' more than a live working band (although they have performed live - and quite well too), led by keyboardist/composer Dan Britton (who is another Silver Spring resident!) and working at their own pace and somewhat under the radar, Deluge Grander is one of the most dependable and always interesting bands currently working the progressive rock movement in the USA.
There is obvious love and affection and influence from classic 70s bands, but there is also a lot of influences and direction from post 70s music and also not necessarily 'prog' music.
A great one as always! Highly recommended!

"Deluge Grander’s fourth album Oceanarium is all-instrumental symphonic progressive rock, with a 1970's production style, diverse instrumentation, dense arrangements, and some exotic, hard-rock, jazz, and classical styles mixed together.
It’s densely orchestrated and has a wide variety of instruments, including cello, trumpet, bass clarinet, flute, saxophone, hammered dulcimer, banjo, mandolin, violin, oboe, and trombone, in addition to the usual keyboards, guitars, bass, and drums.
It could invite broad comparisons to King Crimson, Genesis, and Kayo Dot, or lesser-known groups such as Kenso, Maneige, Miriodor, Semiramis, Asia Minor, Kotebel, and Crucis.
Oceanarium is the second album in a planned three-level seven-album series. The first album (Heliotians) was released in 2014, and the third album (Lunarians) will hopefully be released in 2018. Each of the roughly 300 copies of those two albums had or will have hand-painted artwork, hand-written lyrics or notes, a vinyl LP, and a CD.
Oceanarium is on the middle tier of the three-tiered seven-album series and contains ideas found in the two albums beneath it (the previously mentioned Heliotians and Lunarians), but unlike those two albums, it is densely and carefully orchestrated and entirely instrumental."
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