Deluge Grander - The Form of the Good

Nice to honestly be able to report that this, the second album by this Maryland band who hope to merge "the complexity of classical music combined with the intensity and feel of rock music" is another winner, like their first one which was a huge hit with our customers. It's definitely not just a rehash of their first, as there are some key differences: this time the album is almost completely instrumental. The same core quartet return: Dave Berggren-guitars, Brett d'Anon-bass, Patrick Gaffney-drums and leader/main composer Dan Britton-keyboards, but there's a huge number of guests adding really great orchestral color. Highly recommended to progressive fans who aren't afraid of something that dares to more than recreate the 1970s. "Deluge Grander’s second album The Form of the Good is a product of more than two years of writing, rehearsing, recording, rewriting, re-rehearsing, re-recording, arranging parts for other instruments, recording them, re-recording our original parts, mixing, remixing, mastering, remastering, and, finally, releasing the album. It includes performances from several guest musicians, mostly from College Park, MD, adding violin, cello, trombone, trumpet, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, and flute. Their playing might push the album more towards the realm of classical music, especially on portions of the album’s centerpiece “Aggrandizement.” But I think the intensity of the drumming and performances from the main four group members keeps it well within the realm of progressive rock music. We are very much an independent group, with the vast majority of recording, mixing, and mastering performed by the four members of the group. We made the decision to do it on our own because we want to learn as much as we can about the entire process of creating and releasing music, including the production and promotional sides. That may mean that our albums, especially the first few, sound less polished than professional acts, but we feel that it also makes them sound more unique and more honest. If you’re familiar with our first album, you’ll probably notice a big improvement from our first in terms of sound quality. Another important point: the album is meant to be listened to somewhat loudly; if you listen to it at a low volume, you’ll miss out on a lot of detail....Although there's only singing on the first song (and that singing isn't really in English), there is a general "concept" to the album, at least in the artwork and song titles. It involves the overestimation of differences between urbanism and naturalism by modern philosophical paradigms. Or something like that."

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