Dharmawan, Dwiki - Hari Ketiga 2 x CDs

DWIKI DHARMAWAN - Acoustic Piano, Mini Moog, Fender Rhodes, Harmonium, Occasional Vocal & Ambient Noises
BORIS SAVOLDELLI - Vocals, Vocal Effects, Live Electronics
MARKUS REUTER - Touch Guitars® AU8, Live Electronics
ASAF SIRKIS - Drums, Cymbals, Occasional Ambient Noise

“In May of 2017, a ship of mighty musical warriors joined forces for a meeting of kindred spirits. Departing from the La Casa Murada launchpad (adjacent to nearby Barcelona, Spain), they embarked on a freewheeling nomadic adventure across known and unknown borders of the musical universe – and beyond! In terms of direction, these sonic pioneers relied more on instincts than any cues from a map. The seeds were planted; an air of excitement was already cultivated, in anticipation of something new and supremely unique sprouting forth.
Their corporate voyage carried them through the labyrinths of alien-influenced, unpredictably imaginative musical terrain. Hari Ketiga is the logbook amassed during the exploration: an incredible array of nine tracks that weaves written scores together with full improvisation.
It is an aural document, showcasing four musicians in peak form and fully inspired, singing a glorious tale of our planet Earth to an infinitely vast universe. The logbook’s entries tell of encounters between traditional Indonesian music, ’70s progressive rock, Western classical, free-jazz, ambient soundscapes, fusion, and more, and with mysterious alien telepathic creatures of unknown origin.
Dwiki Dharmawan is a distinguished pianist, keyboardist, and composer, one whose name is deservedly becoming more and more popular, thanks in part to his capacity to conjure unique, multicultural musical amalgams.
As the Captain and presiding officer, Dwiki embarked on this journey with some highly-decorated shipmates: Israeli drummer based in the UK Asaf Sirkis, in charge of the rhythm control room (thanks to his almost telepathic sense of interplay); at the navigation panel, the German touch guitar meister Markus Reuter, with his finely nuanced soundscapes and monstrous guitar voicings at the helm; while pivotal articulations fell to the discretion of the Chief Communications Officer, Italian singer Boris Savoldelli, acting as translator of human and alien languages.
“There were no superior feelings or personal self, even though it’s my album,” said the Captain. “The music on this album is not just mine. We were feeling and musically respecting each other – myself, Boris, Markus and Asaf.”
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