Dhomont, Francis - Frankenstein Symphony (special)

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Born in Paris in 1926, and originally a classical composer, Francis Dhomont is one of the earlier practitioners of musique concrète, giving up all other forms of musical work for electronic music in the early 50s.

"A hybrid thing in four movements, made of cut-up pieces, pasted, assembled, sowed parts that are alike and contrasted, and that I have named, for obvious reasons, the Frankenstein Symphony: an unusual electroacoustic adventure. Armed with a scalpel and a splicing (operational) block, I sampled several morphological organs from the the works of 22 composers and friends (many of whom were students of mine), and with their imprudent blessings (on a stormy night?), brought to life this little acoustic monster which I hold particularly close to my heart."- Francis Dhomont, Montreal, February 1997 "Dhomont, a French-Canadian pioneer in electroacoustic forays, swallows the concept of a compilation and finds it unpalatable. Though Frankenstein is along similar lines, musically, as the Drones series on Asphodel (Storm of Drones, A Swarm of Drones, the Throne of Drones), Dhomont takes his curatorship one step further, working pieces by friends, students, strangers, into a continuous whirlwind, a sprawling symphony of an engulfing nature. And in the stomach of the beast created? The symphony cobbles together pan lids, guillotines, the opened jaws of lions, digital thumps, bumps, squeaks, cars, trucks, trees, tubes, a brass band, German orators, a few scrapy plates, the clanking of bridles, accordions, harpsichords, kindergarteners with slide whistles, frogs, and the duck's-ear-view of a city. Along with them, many electroacoustic composers' talents are directed most usefully at creating atmospheres, films without pictures, blind tableaus. Along with Canadians Ned Bouhalassa, Yves Daoust, Gilles Gobeil, Daniel Leduc, Robert Normandeau, Mario Rodrigue, Emmanuel Madan, Stephane Roy, Claude Schryer, Roxanne Turcotte, and Annette Vande Gorne (most of them knows for their work on the label Diffusion i Media), there are 11 more all unwinding their tape from different corners of the world."

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The real HORROR of The Frankenstein Symphony is paying for it ! The review leaves you with the expectation that there will be dramatic music (classical?) mixed in with the 4 movements. Very little music; and tolerating this for an hour is worse than Franky himself clutching your throat with his relentless power. Next time I play this will be during Halloween while passing out candy.
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