Di Meola, Al - Consquence of Chaos (special)

SKU 15-TELARC83649
"The sticker on the cover of this cd announces its Di Meola's return to solid body electric guitar. I think this statement led many people think this was going to be Land of the Midnight Sun 2 or Elegant Gypsy 2. It is not and it is not meant to be. This cd is not that sort of electric pyrotechnic showcase, but it is an excellent release - my favorite since Tour de Force. While it has some quieter acoustic moments mixed in, it never dips into "soft jazz" and there is a lot of great electric and accoustic playing here. Red Moon alone would be worth the price, but there are many top notch tunes here and no clunkers. There is no techno synth sounds like Jeff Beck has been doing lately, which is a great relief. This is real guitar playing. Listen to this with the right expectations and I think you will hear a great guitarist, great interplay among outstanding musicians and an excellent recording."

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