Di Meola, Al - Flesh on Flesh (special)

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"Al Di is certainly not resting on his laurels after the phenomenal, and sublimely beautiful, "The Grande Passion"! "Flesh on Flesh" expands on the strong latin influences of the previous CD, but fans of his ferocious talent on electric guitar will be very very pleased to see that Al Di has incorporated this to very great effect on several tracks on "Flesh on Flesh". His compositional skills are going from strength to strength and he has long since silenced any critics who may have once said his technical skills lacked depth, passion or sensitivity. Quite simply, Al Di Meola is one of THE most gifted guitarists and composers EVER - tie this up with the supremely talented band...including the highly respected Anthony Jackson - who played on most of Al Di's best early CD's, the superb Mario Parmisano, Gumbi Ortiz and Ernie Adams - who have been mainstays of the band for a long time now - then add Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Alejandro Santo et al and you have the perfect ingredients for THE most important and enjoyable CD of 2002! Al Di is touring at the momenet..and I cant stress highly enough that you should go and see them ....you will be enthralled!!"-S. Courtie

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