Didkovsky, Nick / Tom Marsan - Chord II (professionally manufactured CDR)

"These sounds are lifeblood" - Marco Oppedisano, guitarist/composer

“...a brutal cascade of sonic artifacts that immerse the listener in a beautiful sea of noisy guitar textures dripping down the walls... slow moving ambient slabs of free-metal... completely free of all the constraining trappings of rock music.” - Peter Thelen, Exposé

“...an orgy for the ears of guitar freaks everywhere.” - Ken Shimamoto, The Stash Dauber

"I just listened to the sample track. In many ways, takes me to some of the same emotional places as the early Pierre Boulez piano sonatas...high ground very rarely reached among the frozen peaks." - Bart Mallio, bassist (Private World, Cold Coffee, Runs with Scissors)

“CHORD II is an ambitious step forward from CHORD's eponymous first release. Featuring the electric guitar work of Nick Didkovsky (Doctor Nerve, Fred Frith Guitar Quartet, Vomit Fist) and Tom Marsan (Delta Garage, The Handler's Hand), CHORD II is an immersion into a sea of deep-listening long forms and thick sheets of raw, aggressive sound. Recorded live in real-time without studio overdubs, CHORD II transports the listener into extreme density: amp distortion, feedback, nuanced tone shaping, and musical artifacts created on the edges of gesture. A viscous universe of ecstatic, immersive textures that reward careful, detail-rich listening.”

  • LabelPunos
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