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"Produced for the legendary Pilz label and engineered by Conny Planck in 1971. Dies Irae were a heavy progressive group who recorded their sole album for Pilz before the label fell into the hands of Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser. Dominated by blues, 'First' is a heavy progressive effort owing much to the heavy blues sound and occult nature of Black Sabbath's debut album. Song titles such as 'Lucifer', 'Harmagedon Dragonlove', and 'Witches Meeting' display the groups interest in the dark side. The standout track for krautrock fans is sure to be the seven-minute freak out 'Trip'. A spacey track, 'Trip' begins with an outstanding electronic collage which gives way to a peaceful free flowing jam containing acid-drenched celestial vocals. Fans of the heavy progressive sound will find 'Lucifer' and 'Witches Meeting' to be the best cuts. 'Lucifer' contains an ultra aggressive guitar and harmonica riff slightly reminiscent of 'The Wizard' from 'Black Sabbath'. 'Witches Meeting', an extended track encompassing numerous musical sections, contains a rocking guitar solo and a furious ending. As a whole, the album is sure to please most fans with its heavy nature. A must for all Krautrockers—Virus meets McChurch Soundroom. Psychedelic blues-rock at its best!"
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