Dinsdale, Steve - On the Other Side CD

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A solo release by one of the members of Radio Massacre International. This moves outside of the Berlin-style they are known best for, but it still fits in the realm of spacey electronic music and it's a winner; the 45' whizzed by so fast that I had to play it a second time right away!

"Steve Dinsdale is proud to announce the release of his second solo album On The Other Side on December 11th 2010. Another entirely instrumental keyboard based work, the opening four 'single' length pieces may well have found themselves as 7" A and B-sides on an imagined jukebox in an alternative universe. The centrepiece of the album is the eponymous 32 minute suite inspired by personal change, which moves from sequencer based melody into filmic strings, onto swelling mellotron and finally a blissful drift to a conclusion which may or may not serve to accompany sleep."
  • LabelNorthern Echo
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This extraordinary album provides to its listener an emotional roller coaster of electronic bliss. 'Pandora' and 'Can Do' are addictive, and the 'suites' are truly sublime.
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