Djam Karet - Sonic Celluloid CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Gayle Ellett-Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Greek Bouzouki, Moog, Mellotron, Hammond & Rhodes
Chuck Oken, Jr.-Drums, Analog & Digital Keyboard Sequencing and Soundscapes
Henry J. Osborne-Bass (1,2,3,4,7,10)
Mike Henderson-Guitar Feedback (4,9)
Mike Murray-Guitar Atmospheres (7,9) Piano (9)
Aaron Kenyon-Bass Effects (9)

"The new album Sonic Celluloid is the 18th album released by American instrumental group Djam Karet. Formed 33 years ago in 1984, Djam Karet celebrates the new year with a collection of all-new music filled with memorable melodies, wailing guitar solos, Minimoogs, Mellotrons, and more. With a laid back Southern California vibe, the punchy drums and fat bass hold down a slowly evolving groove, as analog keyboards and classic electric guitars rock on. The addition of found-sounds including ocean waves, industrial machines and trains, wind chimes and crowds, etc, all help to give this album a rather dreamy and immersive quality. These 10 instrumental tracks were recorded with a pristine sound quality, and without any compression or computer manipulation. All music is played by hand the old-fashioned way!
Even though Sonic Celluloid is an instrumental album, it is all about how sound can be like cinema, how music can be like a movie. Said band member Gayle Ellett "Many people have told us that listening to our music is like seeing mini-movies in your mind. And on Sonic Celluloid, we've really focused in on this cinematic aspect of our sound. Not 'soundtrack-type' music, but music as film. Hence the title."
Sonic Celluloid includes all four founding members of Djam Karet: Chuck Oken jr, Henry Osborne, Mike Henderson, and Gayle Ellett, as well as Aaron Kenyon and Mike Murray. All six play (to varying degrees) on the new album. Everyone contributed as much or as little as they wanted to, with the huge bulk of the work being done mostly by Ellett and Oken. Chuck Oken jr, wrote the foundational synth chords and electric and acoustic sequences that form the backbone of much of the music, by utilizing his collection of analog and digital synths and sequencers. Ellett, in turn, wrote most of the melodies and played all of the guitar solos, and contributed the more traditional keyboard sounds including Minimoog, Mellotron, Rhodes and Hammond organ. Ellett also mixed and produced the album after hundreds of hours of critical listening and review.
Most of the tracks on the new release are very layered, filled with electric and acoustic bits and melodies that harken to Gabriel era Genesis, Mike Oldfield, Vangelis and Jan Hammer. Long time DK fans will feel threads and connections to The Devouring, Suspension & Displacement, Ascension, and most recently The Trip."
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