Djam Karet - The Devouring (expanded) (due to weight, this price for USA only) 3 x CDs

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“Originally released in 1997, "The Devouring" is - for many - the best known album in the Djam Karet catalog. This is a 3-CD set spotlighting and celebrating not only this landmark release, but the Djam Karet catalog from 1994 through 1997. A very limited edition set of 450 (very similar to last year's "Burning The Hard City/Suspension & Displacement" Special Edition), 2021's The Devouring" first takes you back to 1994.
Collaborator, originally released in 1994, consists of Djam Karet working with many of their ambient and electronic contemporaries (Steve Roach, Kit Watkins, Jeff Greinke, Loren Nerell, etc, ). This remastered effort, entitled "Collaborator 2021", is a fresh new look at this criminally overlooked effort.
Disc Two is a brand new remaster of the landmark 1997 album, "The Devouring." Originally released on Cuneiform Records, caused one reviewer to state that "...As if the band’s earlier music hadn’t already scorched the ceilings of heaven, this new sonic incarnation burned like a stellar nova." With a brand new remaster, it sounds as fresh as ever, and brings the album kicking and screaming into the 21st century.
Disc Three takes us into the DK archives, with some great finds. Separated out into two different chapters, part one are some snippets from 1992 and 1993 that had some interesting segments and laid the groundwork for what lie ahead. The real jewels come later, however, with seven (!) complete demos 1992, which show the band had the album pretty much complete...four years before the album was officially recorded!
Rounding off this landmark package is simply striking artwork by Gustaf Fjelstrom. The first time Chuck saw the final version, he was speechless. It pays homage to the original Cuneiform release but reinterprets it in such a new and vital way, it screams and demands your attention. With all new liner notes featuring extensive interviews with the band members about this time period in the band's history, it is an essential addition to your catalog.”
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