Djam Karet - The Heavy Soul Sessions (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This 2010 release after a long lay-off captures on record for the first time the current lineup of the group with Gayle moving over to keyboards only and a new guitarist added. Gayle Ellett: Analog and Digital Keyboards, Mike Henderson: Electric Guitars and Effects, Aaron Kenyon: Electric 5-string Bass and Effects, Mike Murray: Electric Guitars and Effects, Chuck Oken, Jr.: Drums, Loops. DK have a lot of live albums out, but every composition on this album has never appeared on any other live album and the sound is great and it's a fine performance. So, still pretty essential. "After their 2005 release Recollection Harvest, Djam Karet took an extended hiatus. The band reconvened in late 2008 when asked to headline the Crescendo Festival in France. Not one to let an good opportunity pass by, it was decided to record for posterity some of the newer songs that had been studio creations only; there was originally little thought as to how to produce the material in a live setting as a four piece. Gayle Ellett (guitars) decided to move to keyboards to handle these new duties, and replacing him on guitar was Mike Murray, a good friend of Gayle's. The dual guitar onslaught of Murray and long-standing member Mike Henderson does not slow down a bit from the Ellett / Henderson tenure. Bassist Aaron Kenyon is the real star here, laying down bass lines and keeping the groove down as the guitars, keys and drums (held down by Chuck Oken, Jr.) swirl around him. Recorded late in 2009 right after their show at the Crescendo Festival, Djam Karet uses the studio as another instrument but makes sure to put the "live" part of the sessions first and foremost. Four of the six pieces are from the turn of the 21st century, with only two tracks looking into their extended back catalogue (Consider Figure Three, originally found on 1991 Suspension & Displacement and Dedicated To K.C., a Richard Pinhas track originally released on the Cuneiform Records Unsettled Scores compilation). The sound here is raw, intense, and in your face, and that's just how the band wants you to experience them. Soon to be released in a very limited format of vinyl as well as CD, Djam Karet's ideology is clear - the hour may stretch, but the sound is more intense as the minutes string closer together."-Mike Ostrich
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