Djam Karet - The Trip CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This is this great, long-lived, instrumental US progressive rock band's 1st new studio album in 8 years! They celebrate their 30th anniversary next year! Some changes for them, as they are now a quintet, with guitarist Mike Murray joining and long time guitarist/keyboardist Gayle Ellett moving over to full-time keyboard work!

Gayle Ellett Analog & Digital Synths, Organ, Mellotron, Greek Bouzouki, Flute, Field Recordings and Effects

Mike Henderson Electric Guitars, E-Bow and Effects

Aaron Kenyon Electric 5-String Bass and Effects

Mike Murray Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, E-Bow and effects

Chuck Oken, Jr. Drums & Percussion, Analog & Digital Synths, Live Samples and Processing

"Djam Karet, the American instrumental rock group, announces the release of its first all-new studio album in eight years this week. "The Trip" features one forty-seven minute-long track, which takes listeners on a psychedelic journey through the mind's eye. The unique offering is literally the soundtrack of a journey to places both familiar and otherworldly. The atmosphere is vaguely reminiscent of Krautrock and the early music of Pink Floyd, yet it has a unique and uncompromising vision that can only be Djam Karet.

With "The Trip" the group explores slowly evolving moods and styles, morphing from place to space. Similar in concept to classic '70s head-phone stoner albums, "The Trip" offers a true listening "experience."

The album boasts a very understated, casual and authentic vibe, drifting from textural and electronic soundscapes, into rock motifs of wailing guitars and moog solos, and then back again. The pace is decidedly calm and laid back, but the viewpoint is constantly changing, like the view from the window of a dream train on a cosmic journey.

At times the music offers acoustic elements such as bouzouki, flute and acoustic guitars, mixing in with the moog and mellotrons. Other times, visions of alien creature-filled jungles come to mind, as strange bugs fly above the florescent flora. As is common with all Djam Karet albums, "The Trip" reflects the artists' deeply felt commitment and uncompromising vision; produced with no regard to potential radio play or commercial success. This "in your face" attitude, is definitely a hallmark of the band's critical acclaim and long-time cult following. "The Trip" marks the band's 16th release."
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