Dockstader, Todd / David Lee Myers - Pond

"Tod Dockstader and David Lee Myers are two pioneers of electronic music, but from very different epochs. Dockstader started working with optical sound in the 1950s, later working with vast Telefunken tape recorders that became so hot they had to be left overnight to cool down. His electronic soundscapes (Lunar Park and Apocalypse among them) are now being rediscovered and given the respect they deserve. Pond is his first new album-length piece since 1967.
David Lee Myers, on the other hand, made his name in the 1980s under the name Arcane Device, and the music was derived from almost uncontrollable feedback systems. A collaboration between these two legendary figures – the painstaking, highly organized researcher Dockstader with the younger, more go-with-the-flow Myers, is an intriguing proposition.
The first problem to overcome was computers; Dockstader had never used them, having perfected methods of working with optical and tape formats. It was only with much coaxing from Myers that it became possible. Most of the sounds derive from frog and toad calls, garnered by hanging around ponds with recorded equipment late into the night. The results are extraordinary – the cries are transformed into an electronic melee...poops, bleeps, and shards of sound bounce around the speakers in a hypnotic, dreamlike dance.
This release also marks the welcome return of Tod Dockstader to the lists; it's his first large-scale new published work for decades."-Chris Cutler
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