Doctor Nerve - Every Screaming Ear

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Long out of print and reissued in a small edition to provide merch for their spring, 2013 European tour, this is Nerve's 2nd studio album and is an overview & summation of the group's work to up to that point, as it includes live reworkings of material from their 1st 3 studio albums, deconstructions & improvisations, all with excellent sonics. If you have seen them in the last few years or you saw that Euro tour, this is the closest to what you saw that is currently available on record.

In addition, there are two amazing tracks by Nick Didkovsky with Japan's Isso Yukihiro group [from Nick's Japanese tour], a chamber orchestra performing a Nerve piece, & a new studio recording of Nerve with The Meridian Arts Ensemble performing Capt. Beefheart's "When It Blows It's Stacks".
Highly recommended, if you don't already have this.
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