Doctor Nerve - Loud CD EP

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“Doctor Nerve consists of the following agents of unfettered sonic neuromania:
Leo Ciesa - drums, a capella observations, time reversal
Nick Didkovsky - electric guitar, reamplified obsessions
Yves Duboin - soprano sax, telepathic wrap-up
Ross Feller - additional soprano sax on Uses Probe Form, low latency
Rob Henke - trumpet, boxing behind enemy lines, Sauerbraten
Benjamin Herrington - trombone, tight fives, focus
Jesse Krakow - electric bass, life vests, foot foot
Michael Lytle - bass clarinet, demonology, contempt for human sacrifice
Kathleen Supové - piano, skin, zero waste

LOUD may be the heaviest and most hard-hitting Doctor Nerve yet!
Mixed by Nik Chinboukas whose recording credits include Testament and Metal Allegiance, and mastered for maximum impact by Thomas Dimuzio, "LOUD" brings you four new Doctor Nerve tunes (and a bunch of bonus tracks) that are as aggressive as they are intricate.
Bonus tracks include alternative versions of the tunes with guitar solos by Henry Kaiser, Mike Keneally, Robert Musso, Kevin Hufnagel (Dysrhythmia), René Lussier, Andrew Hawkins (Baring Teeth), Matt Hollenberg (Cleric), and Shawn Persinger is Prester John! Nick asked these heroes to record solos and replace his with theirs. And these versions are truly sick.

Important note for ultradeep fans/collectors who might very well be Wayside customers: A few years ago Doctor Nerve offered a tour-item-only version of these four tracks on a CD-R called "The Gift of Shame". This had different guitars, different in-box mixes, and no mastering. Nick re-recorded all his guitars for LOUD, and the new mix and mastering is extraordinarily intense. We mention this here because some of you might have bought this CD-R at one of our shows.Trust us, LOUD will blow you away!”
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