Dolphy, Eric / Booklet Little - At The Five Spot, Volume 1 CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This chronicles Eric Dolphy's legendary concert recorded July 16, 1961 at New York's Five Spot Cafe. What a band: Eric Dolphy-flute, bass clarinet, alto sax, Booker Little-trumpet, Mal Waldron-piano, Richard Davis-bass, Ed Blackwell-drums.
I don't think this recording gets the love it deserves; everyone always talks about the lousy sounding piano and yeah, it's not the most in tune instrument I've ever heard, but I've heard worse on 'classics' (the 1st Prestige session by Monk with "Work" is totally unlistenable to me due to the hideous instrument Monk's gotta play).
Look! This is a document of one of jazz's great lost, poorly documented ensembles (only this one night was recorded - no studio work sadly) and for a rare chance to hear these five monster players together (Eric with Blackwell!, Eric with Booker!, Mal with Booker!) etc etc. And another chance to hear the great Booker Littler: he died even younger than Eric (just 3 months after this date) and he's pretty forgotten - he was a monster player and you can hear that here. Recommended.
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