Dominique, David - Mask

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David Dominique: Flugabone; Voices
Brian Walsh: Tenor Sax; Clarinets
Joe Santa Maria: Alto Sax; Flute
Sam Robles: Alto Sax; Bari Sax
Lauren Baba: Viola
Alex Noice: Guitar and Electronics
Michael Alvidrez: Basses
Andrew Lessman: Drums and Drumkat

So....This is the album whereby I discovered the great Orenda label, as these guys played a show I saw and they were great and the record was great and I saw it was #51 on this label I never heard of....
AND it’s really great.

“In sum, Mask covers a broad swathe of musical and emotional territory that goes beyond your run of the mill classically-influenced jazz/rock. And clocking in at just under 38 minutes, Dominique says what he has to say, then takes a bow. The result? A singular and compelling release. Bravo.”–Mike Borella, Avant Music News

“Raised in New York City and Long Island, Dominique lived on and off in Los Angeles for a decade, and his time in daring L.A. ensembles like Killsonic proved a robust influence on his current music. He is now based in Richmond, Virginia, and works as a professor of music composition and theory at the College of William & Mary, in Williamsburg. In 2013 he conducted his score for Starcrosser’s Cut, Joseph Tepperman’s innovative theatre piece about the disgraced astronaut Lisa Nowak. “The musical composition by David Dominique never merely backs or underscores the action,” the Hollywood Reporter said, “but instead comprises an integral component of the overall expression.” Dominique garnered equally effusive praise for his Ritual album, a striking showcase for his ingenious blend of divergent sounds, evoking everything from Mingus and Ellington to Ligeti and Furrer and on to Blonde Redhead and Flying Lotus. “A maximalist inspired by minimalists, composer David Dominique practices a rowdy, muscular brand of modernism. Picture Charles Mingus staging a hostile takeover of the Sun Ra Arkestra with arrangements by Sonic Youth,” DownBeat said. “Dominique’s band teeters on the fulcrum where discipline crumbles into anarchy.”

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