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“This year French soprano saxophone player Michel Doneda will turn 60 and US label Relative Pitch celebrates the occasion by releasing this forty five minute disc of a recording from last year at La Chapelle De Las Planques in Tanus, France.
No doubt picked up with multiple microphones, and later on edited into the seven pieces we find on this disc. Doneda is a master of deception. In this chapel his saxophone sound like saxophone - very occasionally, such as in 'Skeleton Key', but most of the times it sounds like something completely different. Just what that 'difference' is, is a bit harder to define.
Doneda's saxophone has this fine electro acoustic sound. For all you know, or, in case, you wouldn't know what is going on, it sounds like the scraping of a piece of styrofoam on the floor in a reverberant space or, in the case of 'Plan Objectif' it sounds like electronic music, maybe a modular synthesizer, captured in an empty hall. Doneda also leaves a lot of space between the tones he plays.
There is a lot of air being used to actually produce a lot less music. You hear him breath and air is blown into the horn but it doesn't always add up to 'music from a saxophone' per se. This is all quite minimal music, not in a repetitive sense but within the given amount of music, even it also never seems to be completely silent. I am never fond of any saxophone, which sounds like a saxophone, but I love anybody who makes it sound like something else. Doneda belongs to the fine masters of the instrument. His colleagues agree, one can read on the cover of this release.”-Frans de Waard / Vital Weekly
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