Doyle, Roger - Thalia/Oizzo No

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"The music on this CD represents the early works of Irish composer Roger Doyle -- pieces composed in the late 1960s to mid 70s, re-packaged and re-mastered in 2002.
It includes his extremely rare self-released 1975 debut LP Oizzo No and his second LP Thalia from 1978, originally released on CBS Classics, all on the one 77 minute CD.
The earliest piece is Bitter-Sweet Suite for out-of-tune piano composed when he was 18, and the latest Thalia, his first large-scale electronic piece, composed at the age of 26.
Doyle is most well-known for his United Dairies' Operating Theatre masterwork Rapid Eye Movements, his third LP. Thalia/Oizzo No contains his work leading up to this legendary piece and fills in the picture of his early development. Beautiful, totally strange stuff."
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