Dregs - Unsung Heroes (Japanese mini-lp sleeve) DINGED SLEEVE (Mega Blowout Sale)

Sealed, but the sleeve is creased so we knocked a few bucks off the price of this copy.

An amazing, newly lowered price on perfect copies of the Japanese mini-lp sleeve version of this classic fusion album, which is sadly completely and utterly out of print in every part of the world.

This was their fifth and last completely fantastic from start to finish album; they just don't make fusion bands like this anymore and they never will again...

"I've been a Steve Morse fan for a long time and own several Dregs albums, so my expectations were pretty high. I was not disappointed. This is among the best of their work. Traditionally, there is usually at least one barouque piece and one Country piece on any given Dregs album, and "I'll Just Pick" is by far the best of the Country efforts on any of the other albums I've heard. T Lavitz's piano work is inspiring, and Morse's playing is as great as always. Other notable efforts include Steve's nylon-string on "Go For Baroque", Andy West's work on "Kat Food", and the way-cool syncopation on "Day 444"."-Rik Stallings
  • LabelBMG Japan
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