Duke, George - The Inner Source 2 x CDs

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This 1973 double album, comprised of two 1971 recordings that were not released until 1973, was George Duke’s first for MPS and is a very fine jazz-turning-to-electric jazz album.

“If you are a truely knowledgable George Duke fan you probably know that 'The Inner Source', while released as a double album is actually two seperate recordings.
The first album is an album called 'Solus' and when George's label didn't release it George combined it as a double set with his 1971 recording 'The Inner Source' and voila, this album was born.
However it completely slipped under the cracks and ended up being a recording that even a lot of die hard George Duke fans aren't aware he even recorded. Musically George is very slowly inching towards the keyboard/synth fuled jazz-funk that he would soon develope but his forte here,especially on songs like "Life" and the pretty "Love Reborn" is straight ahead instrumental jazz,although not entirely acoustic since he began using the Fender Rhodes piano here.”-rateyourmusic
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