Dun - Eros (expanded / remastered)

A real rarity reissued, Dün's one & only album is a blend of Zeuhl and French progressive rock with Zappa-ish influences. All instrumental, performed on piano/synths, guitars, flute, bass, drums & percussion (+ sax on the bonus tracks).
Originally recorded at Sunrise studio by Etienne Conod in 1981, the four original tracks on the album has been augmented by earlier, quite different recordings of 3 of these 4, as well as a previously unheard composition.

"As a symphonic album of such high caliber...this has long been an item in need of reissue, & it deserves every word of praise you may have heard. A classic"-Exposé #17.

"This is NOT a repress of the CD from 2000 but a new and completely reworked edition. Udi Koomran has done a brand new transfer from the 1981 tapes and he did a (brilliant!) new mastering which brings a new light onto Dun’s gorgeous album. A new bonus track has also been added (all of the bonus tracks from 2000 are still included) : a 1979 studio rehearsal of “Arrakis”. This is THE definitive edition of this all-time French classic!"

"Eros" was the group's only album. Recorded in 1981 and based on a popular concept written by Frank Herbert ("Dune") the band would become as some sort of reference with the track "Arrakis". All the tracks are consistently good, even on through the bonus tracks. The four studio tracks smoke from beginning to end. Like most Zeuhl music, the bass and drums play a very dominant role. Another remarkable feature of the album is a strong flute presence. Personally I think that "Eros" is one of the best instrumental progressive albums made to date. Superb and essential masterpiece. Very strongly recommended!!!"-progarchives
  • LabelSoleil Zeuhl
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