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Dunmall, Paul / Moksha Big Band - I Wish You Peace

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I Wish You Peace is a landmark recording in the career of one of modern jazzs emerging giants: British jazz musician Paul Dunmall. A world-class reed player, Dunmall is described as "A powerful player often cited as the cream of British saxophonists" by the Guiness Who's Who In Jazz, and a "Superlative saxophone and clarinet playerone of the best reed players in Europe if not the world." by Venue. He is a member of the UK improvising ensemble Mujician and leads the Paul Dunmall Octet among many other credits. To celebrate the British musicians 50th anniversary in 2003, the BBC enabled Dunmall to fulfill his longstanding dream to compose and record for a big band at Gateway Studios. This gave Dunmall an unprecedented opportunity to assemble and write for the large ensemble of his dreams, which he named the Moksha Big Band after a Hindu word meaning the supreme liberation of the soul. Numbering 14 players plus a conductor, the Moksha Big Band includes both established and new talent from the UK free-jazz pool, including Keith Tippett, Tony Levin, Paul Rogers, Chris Bridges, Howard Cottle, Hilary Jeffrey, Gethin Liddington, Simon Picard, Paul Rutherford, John Adams, Mark Sanders, Philip Gibbs, David Priseman and conductor Brian Irvine. Like the best 'energy jazz', I Wish You Peace is an intensely visceral yet spiritual work. The music goes from intensely hot and focused jazz to rowdy 'blowing' from the large ensemble.
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