Dunmall, Paul with Paul Lytton and Stevie Wishart - In Your Shell Like

Nice album of Paul's work; I especially liked the two tracks with bagpipes and hurdy-gurdy. "In trying to organise a concert of Paul Dunmall...PD proposed to perform with a 'local musician', and I thought about Paul Lytton as he lives here near the German border. Besides their many years together in Barry Guy's London Jazz Composers Orchestra, they have never previously played together in a smaller unit. Also, knowing that Paul D would bring his bagpipes to the gig, I had an 'idea'...living next to the Archiduc is Stevie Wishart, an improvising musician specialising in the hurdy-gurdy, which she also performs in medieval music. Thinking that the pairing of bagpipes and hurdy-gurdy would be nice, I suggested that both musicians play as a duo to begin the concert. They were unknown to each other both as persons and artists, but they agreed after some hesitation. As the improv concerts in the Archiduc present three different sets - a common practice with many other improv gigs - both Pauls invited her to share the third set, and it worked out fine." [Emanem]
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