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Legitimate vinyl reissue, taken from the original analog masters.
An undeservedly obscure German psychedelic jazz/rock band. By the time of this, their 3rd album, from 1973, they had their best-known line-up of:
Eddy Marron (guitars, sitar, zaz, tambura, mellotron, voice)
Reinhard Karwatky (bass, superstring, mellotron, synthesizer)
Peter Giger (drums, percussion)
Trippy tracks featuring Eastern/middle Eastern motifs, jazz fusion power & psychedelic mind expansion. Highly recommended!

"When the [original] Dzyan eventually disintegrated, Reinhard Karwatky was the only member remaining. So, he drafted in jazzers Eddy Marron (ex-Jochen Brauer Sextet and Vita Nova) and drummer Lothar Scharf (from Virgo), who didn't stay long, and was in turn replaced by the much more original percussionist Peter Giger. On Time Machine [1973] they played, to quote Eddy Marron: 'in the Kriegel-Doldinger-Association-Et Cetera jazz-rock style,' a very inventive fusion, the spirit of Kraut rock in a radical jazz-fusion. While Peter Giger worked on other commitments as a session musician for ECM and on tour with Eberhard Weber, ex-Dave Pike Set drummer Marc Hellmann filled in. By the time Giger returned, the Dzyan sound had changed considerably, as both Reinhard and Eddy had been experimenting with ethnic musics and a wider range of instruments. Mellotrons, sitar, and the mysterious 'Super String' were added...Running from free-jazz through medieval cum raga-rock (cf. Third Ear Band) and intense rock improvisation it is indeed one of the landmarks in experimental rock."-The Crack In The Cosmic Egg
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