EABS - Discipline Of Sun Ra

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Marek “Latarnik” Pędziwiatr - grand piano, Fender Rhodes & synths
Marcin “Cancer G” Rak - drums, percussion, beat machine
Paweł “Wuja HZG” Stachowiak - bass guitar, MOOG
Olaf “Książę Saxonii” Węgier - soprano, alto, tenor sax
Jakub Kurek - trumpet
Spisek Jednego - percussion, sound FX

Hip hop /funky jazz recastings of Sun Ra’s compositions, written by Sun Ra between 1957-1979 and re-created by EABS.
Its After The End Of The World – Don’t You KNOW That YET?

“We already passed one millennium, in fact, we passed the apocalypse: we are living in End Time, all right, but in the last daze. It’s after the end of the world. Don’t you know that yet?” - considered Sun Ra a few decades ago. We are clearly living in a borrowed time. In a time plunged in darkness and ignorance when we need at least a little light and love… and that can come with the cosmic music of Sun Ra, which is deconstructed by EABS on their third album. In October 2019, after more than 33 years, the archive record from the first landing of Sun Ra Arkestra in Poland was released to the public. On this occasion, EABS has prepared a special concert related to this release. Moments later, during the lockdown, a deep reflection on the philosophy of the newcomer from Saturn influenced the recording session and the final shape of the album ‘Discipline of Sun Ra’. Then there were quite serious changes in the selection of songs and even more ambitious attempts at recreation jazz originals, pushing some compositions not only towards hip-hop (in the spirit of inspired by Gil Scott-Heron or David Axelrod), but also genres such as juke or house.”
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