Eckardt, Jason - Subject

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"Jason Eckardt began as a heavy metal guitarist and turned to contemporary music after hearing Webern. His music is highly complex andr etains the energy and intensity of his heavy metal roots. Challenging and highly virtuosic, his compositional language embraces both uptown and downtown. Brilliantly performed by JACK, ICE and the Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble, “Subject” contains some of his most extreme and intense works."
Tony Arnold: Soprano
Gabrielle Athayde: Cellos
Danielle Bogacz: Horn
Jay Campbell: Cellos
Jordan Dodson: Guitars
Laura Dykes: Bass
Wendy Everett: Bassoon
David Fulmer: Conductor
Grace Hong: Oboe
Matthew Jenkins: Percussion
Ross Karre: Percussion
Eric Lamb: Flutes
Daniel Lippel: Guitars
Campbell MacDonald: Clarinets
Andrew McCollum: Clarinets
Kevin McFarland: Cellos
Marilyn Nonken: Piano
Christopher Otto: Violins
Erin Ponto: Harp
John Pickford Richards: Violas
Wendy Richman: Violas
Hannah Shaw: Violas
Ari Streisfeld: Violins
Alice Teyssier: Flutes
Timothy Weiss: Conductor
Jeffrey Young: Violins
Yuncong Zhang: Violins
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  • UPC702397900627
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