Edelin, Michel / Quintet with special guest John Greaves-Echoes Of Henry Cow

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Michel Edelin: flute, alto flute, bass flute
Sophia Domancich: piano, Fender Rhodes
Sylvain Kassap: clarinet, bass clarinet
Stéphane Kerecki: double bass
Simon Goubert: drums
John Greaves: spoken words

“Echoes of the mythic British band Henry Cow with one of its initial members as special guest. Great and fully relevant!”

“That a ‘jazz’ flautist should borrow musical ideas from a band labeled ‘rock’ will only come as a surprise to those who never experienced or have too soon forgotten the 1970s, a time when bridging the gap between supposedly incompatable musical genres seemed de regeur...
This album should in no way be mistaken for a "tribute" to Henry Cow, let alone a faithful recreation, in spirit and/or letter, of their music, rather – and this is how the title chose by Michel Édelin should be understood - its echoes (much transformed during its long journey through time, space, memory and the mysterious twists and turns of the creative process) in his own musical inner world.” – Aymeric Leroy

Half the Sky
Living in the Heart of the Beast
After the Flood
Beautiful as the Moon
The Bath of Stars
On Suicide
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